Hiking at Lake Wolfgang
in the Salzkammergut


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Hiking at Lake Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut

Summer in the Salzkammergut means lush green meadows and alpine pastures, grand views of imposing peaks and a network of hiking trails that begins right on the doorstep of your holiday accommodation. It doesn't matter whether you prefer leisurely walks, extended hikes or challenging climbing tours: You will get your money’s worth on a hike near Lake Wolfgang. In addition to the many and diverse routes, we also offer some fascinating theme trails that give you the chance to immerse yourself in a specific theme: the world of bees, for example, or enchanting fairy tales. Exciting and enjoyable not only for families with children! And to make hiking in the Salzkammergut an all-round relaxing experience for you, we invite you to stop by, enjoy and linger in rustic cabins! Don’t you think that sounds great? Then go hiking on Lake Wolfgang! Look forward to a carefree hiking summer in the Salzkammergut!

The world of hiking at Lake Wolfgang

3 towns, 3 mountains and lots more!

Our picturesque Lake Wolfgang is surrounded by three proud mountains: the Schafberg, the Zwölferhorn and the Postalm. They provide a unique landscape backdrop to the valley and the ideal hiking conditions at Lake Wolfgang ... and incredible views from atop the peaks. Here you will be enticed by dreamlike, beautiful and lovingly maintained hiking trails to go on unforgettable exploration tours.

Mount Plombergstein, the Bleckwand and the Vormauer are just waiting to be discovered and hiked by you. Each of our peaks is a natural phenomenon in itself and gives you the opportunity to experience unique moments amidst a breath-taking landscape.

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You don't know what a Gschmå Platzl is?

“Gschmå" means: cosy, friendly, beautiful, entertaining, and pleasant. If everything fits, then it is just "gschmå.” Fantastically beautiful places where your heart just rejoices?

Themed paths around Lake Wolfgang

Not only dreamlike views, but also deep insights are offered by the themed trails around Lake Wolfgang. The fairy-tale paths or the bee experience trail guarantee the whole family will have fun. Hike and learn a thing or two at the same time. Or you can trace the steps of ancient pilgrimages.

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Hiking Passport

Hike nine goals and take your own "Gschmå Platzl" home! Clip your hiking passport at every goal. As soon as you arrive in one of the information offices with your fully clipped hiking pass, you will get your own cozy Gschmå Platzl for your home.

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The Salzkammergut Mountain-Lake Trail

A unique long-distance trail from lake to lake.

High rulers such as Archduke Johann or Empress Elisabeth have wandered through it, researchers such as Friedrich Simony, poets and writers such as Nikolaus Lenau, painters such as Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, musicians and composers such as Johannes Brahms.

Did you ever think that you can not stop hiking in the Salzkammergut?

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