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Speedy in the saddle with a little extra help

With the wind behind me...! Actually, not behind me but in my feet - and to be precise, I’m not talking about the wind, but electro-energy.

What’s it all about?

This is about ultramodern Electro-bikes and the fantastic cycle paths on Lake Wolfgangsee and elsewhere in the Salzkammergut, as well as about the glorious tours you can take on them.

Whoever offers cycling these days cannot get away from the subject of E-Bikes – and rightly so. As a travel journalist once told me, there’s no going back for anyone who has enjoyed this modern way of cycling, “E-Power”.

On Lake Wolfgangsee there are numerous cycle paths to choose from. In the whole Salzkammergut, there are just under 350 kilometres in total. Enough to mean that, this holiday, I don’t have to go over the same stretch twice, and that I can experience the majority of the 76 lakes in the Salzkammergut by E-Bike.

The following photo gallery can be navigated with the arrow keys (left, right).

Simple but brilliant

I hire a bicycle from one of the 5 bike hire points and off I go. When the battery starts to lose its charge (after about 40 – 50 Kilometres), it’s no problem. Simply steer to the next convenient battery exchange point, put a new battery in and off you go again. Time wasted waiting for batteries to be recharged at recharging points, is unheard of here. The great thing about it is that this system operates in the whole of the Salzkammergut – at a total of 38 hire places and 14 battery exchange points. By the way, if I feel like it, I can also cycle to the town of Salzburg or even in the direction of Schladming in Styria, as the same system is also in operation there. It’s clear I’ll never run out of energy here!

And finally the best bit – the price:

The cost of hiring an E-Bike is from € 17,- per day, (with the Salzkammergut Erlebniscard) – the battery changing is free.