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Feel-good running on Lake Wolfgangsee

Running on Lake Wolfgangsee has a long tradition. Not only during the international “Race around Lake Wolfgangsee”, held every year in October, but also the whole year round. For where else but in the unique landscape of the Salzkammergut can you enjoy such an inspirational running experience? Running sets the body and soul free again.

It’s a spring-like Saturday in May, just after eight o’clock and the sun is streaming down on Lake Wolfgangsee already. Motivated, I put on my running shoes for a run along the beautiful lake through the Blinklingmoos Nature Reserve. I shall be doing the 4.5km circular run. The winter was long and any motivation to do something active has been in hibernation!

The following photo gallery can be navigated with the arrow keys (left, right).

The scent of meadow flowers

The first few hundred metres show that my hibernation has been too long! No problem! I slow it down a little and continue upon a perfectly laid gravel path along Lake Wolfgangsee between wildflower meadows. I can breathe better now and can really smell the spring flowers as they start to come into bloom. Indescribably beautiful!


What’s that? A young fawn and its mother run across my path just 50 metres ahead and disappear into the Blinklingmoos upland moor. The things you see on an uplifting run in the Lake Wolfgangsee area! Not forgetting the view of St. Wolfgang with the striking Schafberg Mountain behind, reflected in the lake.


I’m now running past one of the 3 public bathing areas, the Wassbad in Strobl, and it’s hard to believe, but there are even some people swimming! It could almost be seen as a kind of cold-water hydrotherapy treatment! Lake Wolfgangsee does get up to 26 degrees in summer, but at the beginning of May the pure water (clean enough to drink) is a bit chillier! Who knows though, maybe after my run it would be the perfect way to cool down! It may be worth a try ... we’ll see.


But now the stretch is coming to an end and I have to return along the old railway embankment where, more than 50 years ago, the famous local Salzkammergut train (or Bad Ischl train) used to run.

190 km of running routes

Back in Strobl once again, I feel terrific and am already looking forward to my next run along Lake Wolfgangsee.
After all there are over 190 km of signposted running routes over differing altitudes and with a variety of beautiful vistas. I think next time I’ll run around Lake Schwarzensee. It should be idyllic.


Running events to work up a sweat!

If I continue to train hard, I should be able to take part in the traditional International “Race around Lake Wolfgangsee” (Int. Lauf „Rund um den Wolfgangsee“) on the third Sunday in October. In total, there are 4 different course lengths to choose from - 5.2 km, 10 km and the 27 km race around the lake, as well as the full marathon of 42.2 km. This annual event has taken place over 40 times.

Oh and by the way! In May, you can also test yourself in the 5.8 km mountain race up the Schafberg Mountain which climbs over 1,190 m. However, if you are going to do this race, you shouldn’t hibernate for as long as I did, but do a lot more training!