Winter am Wolfgangsee

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Swimming, Diving, Floating

According to the weather forecast, the mercury is going to climb to over 30 degrees today and even this early it is already really warm. I look out of the window and see St. Gilgen, with Lake Wolfgangsee glistening in the sun before me, looking really inviting. My day’s programme is now decided - swimming in the crystal clear waters of Lake Wolfgangsee.

Throwing my bathing things quickly into my bag, I make my way to Fürberg bay, with its guesthouse and hotel of the same name. I get to the lakeside via the little locality of Winkl and, surrounded by forest, this unique location is absolutely idyllic.

I look for a suitable place on the lush meadow, from which I can step easily into the water. Every now and then a few hikers pass by who are following the ancient Pilgrimage way over the Falkenstein to St.Wolfgang. That would be a good thing for me to do on a cooler day.

I decide that now is the time to test the water. After the first few strokes, I can already feel how pleasant and refreshing it is on my skin. The temperature of the water is about 24° C.

Whilst swimming, I put my head under water and can see to the bottom of the lake with its smaller and larger stones and sometimes see a fish flit quickly by. This comes as no surprise as the water is really clean - in fact the water of Lake Wolfgangsee is clean enough to drink!

The following photo gallery can be navigated with the arrow keys (left, right).

In front of me, a water-skier is being pulled by a speedboat - his elegant turns leaving behind a curtain of water that disappears back into the lake in a rainbow of colours.


Could this be something for me? Meanwhile, the sun and heat have turned the lake into a colourful hive of activity. It isn’t only swimmers who have invaded the lake, but also Electric boats, rowing boats, small sailing craft and the passenger ferries. I resolve to explore the other villages around the lake one day, by way of this very comfortable means of transport.

Back on the lakeside, I let my gaze sweep over the lake, the Zwölferhorn Mountain and St Gilgen, the birthplace of Mozart’s mother, lying directly opposite. I admire the perfect way that the lake and mountains merge so beautifully.

The sun sinks slowly and bathes the landscape in a warm glow. I decide on another day of swimming tomorrow and out of the many lakeside bathing areas, choose the Wassbad in Strobl. I have heard that the Wassbad is especially suitable for children and will invite my little niece to come swimming with me. No doubt a welcome change for the little one! I look forward to it.