Fliegenfischen im Salzkammergut

Fishing at Lake Wolfgang
in Salzkammergut

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Fishing Information on Lake Wolfgangsee

The remarkably clear water and its superb quality, together with its abundance of fish help make Lake Wolfgangsee a fishing paradise. As well as this, the presence of the Perlfish (a fish on the endangered species list) indicates how perfect the water quality really is.

The 12.8 km² Lake Wolfgangsee, also called Lake Abersee, is divided into 2 lake basins.  This is because of the narrowing effect the Zinkenbach stream and the Dittlbach stream (near St. Wolfgang), have had over the centuries.  Here the lake is only 20 metres deep.  At 114 metres, the lake is at its deepest in the 7.5 km² St. Gilgen basin.  The smaller 5.4 km² Strobl basin is 67 metres deep.

Species of fish found in the lake:

Lake char, reinanke (whitefish), chub, lake trout, pike, pike-perch, perch, eel, aalrute (a type of eel), bream, aitel (a type of carp) and other types of white fish.  The Perlfisch (Rutilus Meidingeri - a species of ray-finned fish) is strictly protected the whole year round.


Lake Wolfgangsee is divided into 3 sections of differing size!

St. Gilgen

Lake Wolfgangsee Fishing Paradise - Ried / Schwand

Lake Wolfgangsee Fishing Paradise - West Ried/Schwand section Fishing licences available at: Fischerei Höplinger at St. Wolfgang or ...

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Lake Wolfgangsee Fishing Paradise - Strobl, Gschwendt and St. Wolfgang

​The unique clarity and excellent quality of Lake Wolfgangsee’s water together with its richness in fish singles it out as a fishing ...

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St. Gilgen

Western Section of Lake Wolfgangsee

Fishing or angling on the upper (western) section of Lake Wolfgangsee.Section border: The Gamsjaga Guesthouse to the beginning of the ...

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