Nannerl Festival in St. Gilgen

Nannerl was born on the night of the 30th-31st July, 1751 in Salzburg.  For 17 years, from 1784 to 1801, she lived in the house in which her mother had been born, (St. Gilgen’s former district court) as the wife of court official Johann Baptist von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg.  Maria Anna was 33 years old when she married and was the third wife of Herr Sonnenburg, who brought 5 children into the marriage.

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Nannerl had 3 children with her husband.  St. Gilgen is also linked musically with Mozart's sister, Nannerl.  She practised piano in the “Mozart house” for up to 3 hours every day, including several compositions by her famous brother, this being the first time time someone other than Mozart himself had played them. W. A. Mozart valued the opinion of his likewise musically gifted sister Nannerl.  Letters between the two siblings document that he often sent his works to her first, for appraisal.

After the death of Nannerl’s husband in 1801, she left St. Gilgen and moved to Salzburg, where she died in 1829.