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The St. Wolfgang Way - Pilgrimage on the e-bike

From Regensburg to Lake Wolfgangsee

Experience the ancient pilgrimage way from Regensburg to Lake Wolfgangsee.  Immerse yourself in the centuries-old history and sense the special sites of energy that hundreds of thousands of pilgrims before you have already experienced since the middle ages.

Lake Wolfgangsee and St. Wolfgang...

…were visited by up to 80,000 pilgrims annually in the late middle ages, and were one of the pilgrimage centres of the Christian West.  According to diviners, dowsers and scientists alike, the ancient pilgrimage way has been proved to have places of special energy.

It all began in 976 – the year in which St. Wolfgang, Bishop of Regensburg, came to Lake Wolfgangsee.  Regensburg had been the cultural and trading centre of Germany for centuries, as well as being the place where St. Wolfgang was bishop.

Today, the 324 km route is travelled on modern e-Bikes in 3.5-day stages.  We take care of the whole package - bikes, lodgings, maps, printed comprehensive travel guides, etc.

This isn’t your everyday pilgrimage path.  Experience tangible history, with our help along the way


  • ?A choice of 5 or 7 nights including breakfast
  • 1 e-Bike with charging unit and pannier 
  • Maps
  • A “Wolfgangsee” rucksack
  • Pilgrimage guide “The St. Wolfgang Way” 
  • Route description and stories from Regensburg to Lake Wolfgangsee.
  • Publication by Peter Pfarl (128 pages) on the history, legend and veneration of St. Wolfgang.
  • Your personal travel diary with all the necessary information for your trip 
  • Brochure: “St. Wolfgang – Past and Present”
  • Guided tour of Regensburg and Straubing (on request)