Fliegenfischen im Salzkammergut

Fishing at Lake Wolfgang
in Salzkammergut

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Perhaps the most beautiful way to unwind

Fishing calms, relaxes and is good for your soul. Especially if you enjoy this wonderful hobby in such an appealing surrounding landscape. And which setting could be more beautiful or picturesque than Salzkammergut? Fabulous fishing grounds invite you to spend relaxing hours all around Lake Wolfgang. Crystal-clear waters with an excellent stock of fish that even excite highly experienced fishermen.

Lake and river fishing has a very long tradition in Salzkammergut. Emperor Maximilian regulated fishing around Lake Wolfgang in 1494 by way of decree already. Today, the recreational activity is extremely popular in the region for it is a wonderful way to balance a stressful life especially in this hectic age. You naturally do not have to take your entire gear along on your holiday, for the entire equipment can be rented in Strobl. This option is also of interest to beginners, who do not yet have their own gear but would like to dive into the world of fishing for the first time.

Have we piqued your interest in fishing in Salzkammergut? Do you love crystal clear waters in a natural, idyllic mountain landscape? Then come visit us on Lake Wolfgang and look forward to a few hours in paradise!

Fly fishing im Salzkammergut

 Fly fishing is a unique experience of nature and is not infrequently often referred to as the supreme discipline in fishing.
Good Fishing

Fishing Information

Informations about fishing are to be found here.
Fishing Wolfgangsee
St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut

Fishing Schwarzensee

The idyllically beautiful Lake Schwarzensee is a unique experience for anyone going fishing. Happy fishing! The mountain lake near St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut that's teeming with fish! The ...
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Boat & Equipment Hire

Hire a fishing boat in St. Gilgen, Strobl or St. Wolfgang or hire a fishing rod in Strobl.
Hiring Stations
St. Gilgen

Western Section of Lake Wolfgangsee

Fishing or angling on the upper (western) section of Lake Wolfgangsee.Section border: The Gamsjaga Guesthouse to the beginning of the Falkenstein wall. Species of fish: lake trout, lake char, ...
Fishing Western Section
St. Gilgen

Lake Wolfgangsee Fishing Paradise - Ried / Schwand

Lake Wolfgangsee Fishing Paradise - West Ried/Schwand section Fishing licences available at: Fischerei Höplinger at St. Wolfgang or www.hejfish.com
Fishing Section Ried

Lake Wolfgangsee Fishing Paradise - Strobl, Gschwendt and St. Wolfgang

​The unique clarity and excellent quality of Lake Wolfgangsee's water together with its richness in fish singles it out as a fishing paradise.  The fact that the endangered Perlfish (Rutilus ...
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