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Escape everyday life and find back to yourself

Pilgrimage is "in" and yet so much more than just a trendy sport. Pope John Paul II, the author Paulo Coelho, the emperor's grandson Otto von Habsburg and the actress Shirley MacLaine: They have all experienced that a pilgrimage is an ideal way to break free from everyday life and to discover oneself. Yet a pilgrimage is not only a blessing for your mind and soul: The body also benefits from this form of exercise, which strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves your stamina. A further positive effect emerges from a pilgrimage in Austria: The beautiful nature is a true blessing and truly relaxing!


Relaxing at Lake Wolfgang on a pilgrimage

Enchanting trails await you all around Lake Wolfgang: Pilgrim paths that are so breathtakingly beautiful that you will immediately forget all the stress of everyday life. Walk in the footsteps of Saint Wolfgang, for example: If you like, you can also use an e-bike for the route from Regensburg to Lake Wolfgang! The Via Nova is one of the most famous pilgrim routes. The route, also known as the European Pilgrim's Way, leads through three countries! And then there is St. Rupert Pilgrim’s Way, which connects Salzburg with Bavaria.

Have we raised your interest in a pilgrimage? Lake Wolfgang welcomes you!

Ruperti Pilgrimage Route

Get out of the daily routine and walk in search of inner peace.
St. Rupert Pilgerweg

Pilgrimage Route Via Nova

European pilgrimage route VIA NOVA in Bavaria, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Pilgrimage Route Via Nova