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Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival) kick starts the season at Wolfgangsee, Salzkammergut

Beautiful traditional clothing, genuine folk music, regional products and boat rides

The Wolfgangsee season 2020? will open with a big festival. All three villages round the lake, St. Gilgen, Strobl and St. Wolfgang, are participating. Activities and leisure centres such as the summer toboggan ride, the Abarena, or the Postalm alpine plateau offer reduced rates. Riding from place to place on one of the lakes passenger boats is easy and offers fabulous panoramic views.

You can enjoy the best of traditional, local folk music. Music groups vary from place to place and can be enjoyed even on the boats.

Culinary specialities will be available at the lake side promenades. Tasters cost  € 4,80 each enticing you to sample everything from venison burger, Wolfgangsee fish, Kassspatz’n (cheese noodles), Salonbeuscherl (a ragout) and much, much more.


Impressionen von Frühlingsfest zum Saisonstart am Wolfgangsee. Unter dem Motto Trachtig Kulinarisch wird am ersten Maiwochenende in den Orten St. Gilgen, Strobl und St. Wolfgang mit viel Musik und regionalen Schmankerln gefeiert. Gemafreie Musik von Alle Infos aus auf
Saisonauftakt am Wolfgangsee