Bike the Lake #wolfgangsee

When the last snow melts away, the first early blossoms sprout from the earth and the sun's rays provide warmer temperatures again, then it's the best time to get your bike out of hibernation at Lake Wolfgangsee. Experience pleasure bike tours to wonderful places in the Salzkammergut as well as cultural features and a variety of excursiondestinations.  

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You can find all of our 15 tours in the Wolfgangsee region online at “Komoot”. Have fun planning and cycling your next tour!


Rules for safe and fair biking at Lake Wolfgangsee!

  • Biking but considerately
  • Appropriate clothing and equipment (helmet, gloves, ...)
  • Leave no trace
  • Drive on half vision
  • Be considerate of hikers
  • Be considerate of grazing livestock and game
  • Close the cattle gates
  • Stay on the marked trails
  • Shortcuts and locking rear wheels damage the paths
Safe & Fair Biking