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Sailing, surfing, SUP and rowing on Lake Wolfgang

Glide sportily across the lake

In all the centuries in which the energy of the wind was used to move on the water, sailing has lost none of its appeal to this day. Making use of natural power is one of the most fascinating sports of all. With or against the wind: there is a lot of symbolism in sailing.

It is no different today either. The Wolfgangsee offers the best conditions for sailing, surfing, stand up paddling and rowing. Competitions and regattas are held here regularly in the Salzkammergut, such as the Legend of Ox SUP race in St. Gilgen. With Hubert Raudaschl, the Wolfgangsee has a very big one in sailing. With a total of 10 Olympic participations including a silver medal and 2 world championship titles, Hubert Raudaschl has become a sailing legend.

Whether beginner or professional, everyone will find the best conditions at Lake Wolfgang. Think of the rower Wolfgang Fankhauser, who competed solo in the Atlantic Challenge, the toughest rowing race in the world over 4,800 km. Dewey, his nickname, found the right environment to prepare for this incredible competition in the St. Gilgen rowing club and at Lake Wolfgang.


A human without dreams is like a boat without a canvas.

Sailing at Lake Wolfgangsee

with the power of the wind

In Wikipedia it can be read: Sailing is the movement of a sailing ship or a sailing boat using wind energy. But actually there is much more to it. Anyone who has ever felt the wind or the fresh breeze of the spray knows that sailing is not just a sport, it is almost a philosophy. There is hardly anything nicer to glide silently over the Wolfgangsee. The western part of Lake Wolfgang in particular offers perfect conditions for this.


4800 kilometers or 1.5 million oar strokes - Wolfgang "Dewey" Fankhauser from Salzburg was the first Austrian to row across the Atlantic Ocean all by himself. Among other things, he prepared himself at the St. Gilgen rowing club on Lake Wolfgang. Impressions of the training.

Rowing at Lake Wolfgangsee

with muscle power across the lake

In the club founded in 1990, experienced rowers are on hand to offer advice and assistance. The modern clubhouse in a wonderful location directly on the lake offers all amenities for beginners and professionals.