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„Explaining Summer Night is superfluous, you only need to know when it begins” – Comment by a Salzkammergut resident

Lifestyle at Wolfgangsee

Food, Culinary ‘Fireworks’ and all manner of Live Music

The continued success of this event is really amazing. For 21 years Summer Night has taken place  annually and was an attraction from the beginning. WTG manager Hans Wieser says some “tweaking” has taken place over the years but “the formula for success from those early years has not changed, with the Summer Night concept an event has successfully become an autonomous brand.”

For the past 22 years the St Wolfgang Summer Nights have been the hot spot of Summer Feelings in the Salzkammergut.  On a total of four stages, a new one added this year at Uferplatz directly at the lake, there will be rock, jamming, singing. Look forward to hearing traditional tones in unconventional ways in various genres from jazz to folk music. Enjoy culinary ‘fireworks’ at the many booths from the Postplatz to Marktplatz and down to the lake, it’s Streetfood, ranging from classic Bosna to Weinberg snails, pulled pork burgers and even oysters The summer temperatures of July and August can best be enjoyed with an accompanying glass of beer or champagne. That’s the summer flair of a St Wolfgang Summer Night, Salzkammergut Summer Lifestye – just as it should be. And entry is free!

Dates 2024

  • Monday, 24th June

  • Monday, 8th July

  • Monday, 22nd July

  • Monday, 5th August

  • Monday, 19th August

...always starting at 6pm



Summer Night Info

A total of 5 Summer Nights will be held in a 14-day rhythm.

The first Summer Night will be on Monday, 24th June starting at 6pm.

Opening hours remain unchanged: music plays until 11.30pm and refreshments until midnight.


Snails and oysters - the Uferplatz lakeside square becomes a culinary hotspot

Since last year the Seeuferplatz is also included in the summer night scene. "The complete redesign of the square was completed last year," said Mayor Franz Eisl, "what could be more common than to use on this great square again for the summer nights".
Baked snails with herb butter and oysters, of course with champagne and white wine are part of the culinary program on the Uferplatz.


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Unique Atmosphere

The flair and the attractiveness of this series of events in St. Wolfgang have meanwhile become proverbial in the Salzkammergut - or - like a regular guset of the summer nights has summed up a few years ago: "It has often been copied but never achieved."


Takes place at any weather conditions

Also this year, the party one is fully equipped with huge 4 x 4 meter sunshades, which can also be used as comfortable and large rain protection if needed. A total of over 20 umbrellas are available - and therefore a "will always take place" guarantee can be given, unless it is hailing or there is a hurricane.


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Summer Night Treats at € 4,90

A total of 19 companies take part in the summer night. The culinary menu includes dishes such as fresh foam rolls, wraps, scampi, Holzknechtnocken, Ochsenbackerl, beef tartare, schnitzel "from the butter pan", as well as the meanwhile traditional Pulled Pork Burger.
All dishes are also offered as small snack - the "Summer Night Delicacies" for a general price of € 4.90.


Music - Various Genres for everyone

The music is again based on a wide variety of musical styles: Salzkammergut folk music, Dixieland, folk and brass groups such as the young musicians from "Blechsalat" or Stephan Heiner & Börns Funky Fingers  were performing in the recent years.


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