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"Glöcklers' run" around the Wolfgangsee

The Glöckler are an integral part of the traditional events at Lake Wolfgang.

Run of the „Glöcklers“: in the laste evening before the Three Kings Day the „Glöckler“ are running throug the villages around the lake. They are forming themselves to the figure eight and circles. The „Glöcklers“ are local guys, dressed in white, wearing a red tie, a black beanie and black shoes. They also carry a black belt with bells around their bodies.

"D'Glöcklers are here!": The vanguard of the „Glöcklers“ are the socalled three "Klinglers". The clothing is like the one of the „Glöcklers“ - only without the illuminated caps – their task ist to ask for donations. With the call "D`Glöckler are there!" they are announcing the groups and so make sure that there is enough space for the runners.

They come and shine! The "forerunner" with a magnificent, rotating star as a cap, leads the procession. Two "Kraxengeher" are further figures in this run. The task of the all-white clothed walkers is to look for extincted candles and to relight them quickly.

"Glöckler´s run"