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A very special way of traveling.

Just like in the emperor's time, a horse-drawn carriage takes you through the country.

Go on an extraordinary excursion with family or friends. Experience the landscape from a completely different perspective and discover the slowness. Let the flair of bygone times arise. Just be lazy and leave everyday life behind. There are many good reasons for a carriage ride.

Both riders and non-riders could enjoy this particular way of traveling. When the horses snort in front, the hooves drum softly on the ground. When the bearded coachman, dressed in traditional costume, tells exciting anecdotes from the region. When the wind blows gently in your face despite a leisurely pace. A carriage ride is sooo romantic!

The calm but powerful horses pull the carriage through the landscape at less than 10 kilometers per hour. So sights, landscapes and animals can be observed in peace. That is pure relaxation! A real experience for all romantics and connoisseurs. Whether 5 or 15 passengers, depending on the size of the wagon, there is space for a different number of people. The carriage rides providers on Lake Wolfgang are happy to provide information about the available capacities.

"The poor horses!", Some may think - but what many do not know: Driving even has a positive effect on the health and fitness of the animals - almost all breeds are suitable for walking in harness. However, the horse should have a few characteristics: a balanced character, health, reliability, willingness to perform and hard work make it a perfect driving horse.