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Winter am Wolfgangsee

Let yourself drift and come down comfortably; or rather get going actively? Explore traditional places or seek tranquility? Vacation with dog or family trip? The region around Lake Wolfgang fulfills your vacation wishes. 

Here you can find all vacation activities in the region at a glance.

All year round

And then there are things that are simply always in season at Wolfgangsee. Culture and customs, for example. Or the delicacies in the inns and restaurants around the lake. Just like a vacation with the whole family including a dog. Or a wellness vacation.


How about a trip to the Wolfgangsee? Whether you have one day or a whole weekend - here you will find tips for the whole year at a glance.


Your summer at lake Wolfgangsee

Loose, breezy and light - that's how summertime at the Wolfgangsee can be described. To feel the airy, light summer wind, that can have quite different reasons. Is it the breeze when cycling that tickles your nose? Is it the breeze that brushes your cheeks while hiking? Or the breeze that just fills the sails and drives the boat across the lake?