St Wolfgang celebrates his birthday

In 2024, Lake Wolfgang will celebrate the 1,100th birthday of its lake patron. Together with the 150 or so Wolfgang villages in Central Europe, this birthday will be celebrated in style. Numerous celebrations, events and commemorative meetings are planned to honour this great historical figure.

Celebrate with us

In the anniversary year, numerous celebrations, cultural events and commemorative meetings are on the programme to honour this great historical figure.

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Lake Wolfgangsee stage

The highlight of "1,100 Years of Saint Wolfgang" is the mystical music theatre "WOLF - The Mystical" presented on the new, completely covered lake stage.

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In the footsteps of St Wolfgang

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of St Wolfgang and let yourself be whisked away to picturesque Lake Wolfgangsee as part of bookable package deals.

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St Wolfgang and Lake Wolfgangsee: an inspiring combination of faith and nature

According to legend, Wolfgang led a hermit's life at Lake Wolfgangsee (then Abersee), to which he was particularly fond of since his missionary work. He lived in a cave on the Falkenstein and led an austere life. He is said to have taken and thrown his axe at the Falkenstein. Where it landed, he would later build a church with his own hands, today's pilgrimage church of St Wolfgang.

The legend
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The paths to St Wolfgang

Over the centuries, thousands of pilgrims have come to St Wolfgang from all over the world, but now the old pilgrimage routes are being followed by leisure pilgrims to Lake Wolfgangsee. Whether from his birthplace Pfullingen in Swabia, from his episcopal see in Regensburg, from Bálf in Hungary or from Prague in Bohemia, whose diocese he founded over 1000 years ago, the "Wolfgang trails" still lead to the same destination today: his hermitage on the Falkenstein and the church he built in St Wolfgang.

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