The Wolfgang Year 2024

St. Wolfgang celebrates his birthday

Next year, Lake Wolfgang will celebrate the 1,100th birthday of its lake patron. Together with the 150 or so Wolfgang towns in Central Europe, this birthday is to be celebrated in a big way. The saint, who became known for his social commitment, is said to have thrown his axe from the mountain into the valley to find out where he could build a church - today's pilgrimage church of St. Wolfgang. In the Middle Ages, Lake Wolfgang and St. Wolfgang attracted up to 80,000 pilgrims a year.


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Saint Wolfgang and Lake Wolfgang: An inspiring combination of faith and nature

According to legend, Wolfgang lived a hermit's life at Lake Wolfgang (at that time: Abersee), to which he was particularly devoted since his missionary work. He lived in a cave there and led an austere life. In the forest in question, a forest helper is said to have suffered such great thirst during clearing work that Wolfgang caused a spring to spring up, the water from which was later considered to have healing properties. Today, the Falkenstein church with the healing spring can be visited.

Many roads lead to St. Wolfgang

Over the centuries, thousands of pilgrims have come to St. Wolfgang from all directions, but now the pilgrims of pleasure come to Lake Wolfgang along the old pilgrimage routes. Whether from Pfullingen in Swabia, the saint's birthplace, from his episcopal see in Regensburg, from Bálf in Hungary and from Prague in Bohemia, whose bishopric he founded over 1,000 years ago, the "Wolfgang trails" are still followed today and all lead to the same destination: his hermitage on the Falkenstein and the church he built in St. Wolfgang.

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Tradition and modernity

The traditional associations of the three Wolfgangsee communities organise a special celebration for their patron towards the end of April - a birthday party with lots of customs, tradition and folk culture is not only intended to delight the inhabitants of the region, but also to inspire the many friends of Lake Wolfgang. Almost simultaneously, international artists meet at Lake Wolfgang to work on their paintings, sculptures and installations for a week. The Art Circle International enables holiday guests to look over the artists' shoulders and offers not only an art boat trip on Lake Wolfgang but also a vernissage in the "Drive-In Gallery", the multi-storey car park in St. Wolfgang.

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"Wolfgang" as theatre material

The life and work, as well as the legend and veneration of St. Wolfgang are the focus of the "Wolfgang Play at the Lake".

More information will follow shortly.

In the footsteps of St. Wolfgang

Discover the fascinating world of St. Wolfgang and immerse yourself in a spiritual journey in the footsteps of this important saint. Our bookable package "In the footsteps of St. Wolfgang" at the picturesque Wolfgangsee takes you into a time full of mysticism and religious devotion.

Pilgrimage is the focus of this special spiritual journey. On request, guided by an experienced pilgrimage guide, you will embark on a spiritual hike along Lake Wolfgang and learn more about the meaning of pilgrimage.

Also available as a group tour.

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